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The Pollfoss Hotell is right at point where the three national parks meet: Jotunheimen, Breheimen and Reinheimen. Stay in one of our 26 rooms and discover the hotel’s rich history, the beautiful surroundings and the local food. 

Pollfoss waterfall

Discover the beautiful waterfall that is right behind the hotel. Pollfossen, the name of the waterfall, with its 81 metre drop, is part of the Øvre Otta water area and it is fed by the water from Breidalsvannet and Maråi. A lovely way to relax, or it could be the right start to a lovely walk. 

Geiranger, a breath-taking fjord

Take a daytrip to Geiranger: just a 55 kilometre ride away and you are in a totally different world! Whether you want to take a walk or visit other places of interest, you can be guaranteed to enjoy the breath-taking views in this UNESCO protected region of Fjord-Norway. 

Make your trip complete with a stopover in Dalsnibba: this is a breath-taking viewpoint that takes you to 1500m above sea level and overlooks the Geiranger fjord. 

Gamle Strynefjellsvegen

In the last century, Gamle Strynefjellsvegen was the only road between the villages of Bismo and Stryn. The Norwegian scenic route, Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, runs past stone walls and guardian stones (big blocks of rock) from Grotli to Videsæter, a total distance of 27 km (route 258). The road is part of the Norwegian cultural heritage. Old, hand-made stone walls and long rows of guardian stones are the features of this mountain crossing that is over a century old. In a nutshell: a truly Norwegian ‘must see’. 

Summer skiing in Stryn

Go for a day of summer skiing in the Municipality of Stryn! Stryn is possibly Norway’s most popular summer ski area. The summer ski centre is 60km from Stryn and approximately 30km from the Pollfoss Hotel. Who wouldn’t want to ski in the middle of the summer in one of Norway’s biggest summer ski areas?! There are two lifts that offer access to this fantastic area. When there is sufficient snow, two elevators in the summer provide access to the great area.

Breheimen National Park

One of the most popular activities when visiting Breheimen Nationaal Park is a hike through pure nature. If you want to take walking in Norway to a higher level, you can even take part in a glacier hike! This is how you really get to know the Norwegian landscape in a very special way. 

Rafting in Skjak

The Lom and Skjåk regions enjoy a fantastic variety of rivers! From white-water rapids to calm water to surfing on the Ofossen waves. The swirling rapids of the River Otta, the fast-flowing River Skjøli and the fun, exciting family excursions are just a few things that we can offer you in terms of rafting experience. You can find more information on the Skjak Adventure website.

Van Lom Stave Church

The Lom Stave Church is one of the largest and most extraordinary stave churches in Norway. It was originally built in 1170 and then extended in the years thereafter. Lom was on a former trade route used by the Pilgrims and this church was an important stopover for them. Most of the furniture in the church is from the 18th century. There is also a big collection of paintings on display in the church, most of them painted by Eggert Munch. In the summer months the church is open to tourists.

Jotunheimen National Park

The Jotunheimen National Park is an enormous mountain area in East Norway with an area covering approximately 3,500 square kilometres. This mountain range is Norway’s most popular national park. The most spectacular walks in Jotunheimen are Besseggen (1,743 metres above sea level), Galdhøpiggen (2,469 metres above sea level) and Glittertind (2,464 metres above sea level). Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind are the highest mountains in Norway. In Lom there is a Visitors’ Centre for the Jotunheimen National Park. From Lom, day hikes to the top of the Galdhoppigen are organized!

Snowshoeing on the glacier

Briksdalsbreen is an arm of the Jostedal glacier (Jostedalsbreen). This is in the Briksdal Valley, at the end of the Oldedalen Valley, in the Municipality of Stryn. This famous glacier is in beautiful surroundings between high mountain tops and raging waterfalls that drop 1200 metres down into the narrow Briksdal Valley below. It is a spectacular sight that attracts visitors from all over the world. 

Fancy catching your own fresh fish dinner?

The Skjåk fishing area offers the chance to fish in more than 200 lakes and in more than 250 km of river. There is trout in the mountain lakes, but also grayling in the River Otta. You can apply for a permit via the following link:, or at the hotel.

Cross-country skiing trails

Pollfoss Hotel is perfect as a starting point for cross-country skiing trails through the forest and mountain landscape. Directly behind the hotel, in the winter, cross-country skiing trails are prepared offering short routes of just 1 km, to longer ones up to 25km. You can also make use of the 5km-long, illuminated trails for an evening trek. 

Join us on an elk and deer safari!

In the beautiful wooded surroundings of the Pollfoss Hotell live lots of elk and deer. Go on a safari with us and try to spot as many deer and elk as possible.


Trollstigen is a popular route also known as the “Troll Route”. This route has 11 hairpin bends after which you can stand and enjoy the views from the viewing area. From this point you look out across several waterfalls, including Stigfossen and the tops of the Dronning and Bispe mountains. 


Discover Lundadalen and Skjåk with your mountain bike. From here you can easily discover the protected and beautiful surroundings of Breheimen National Park!

For more information and beautiful mountain bike routes:

Pollfoss Hotell

The Pollfoss Hotell is right at point where the three national parks meet: Jotunheimen, Breheimen and Reinheimen. Stay in one of our 26 rooms and discover the hotel’s rich history, the beautiful surroundings and the local food.